Years 7-12 Extension

Extension | Enrichment | Acceleration and Identification


Extension activities involve the deepening of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in a particular subject area.

As part of our Academic Talent Program, we provide the following extension opportunities for academically talented students


All Learning Areas follow a differentiated curriculum. This is a planned, documented and challenging curriculum that matches the ability of academically talented students to learn at faster rates, find, solve and act on problems more readily and manipulate abstract ideas and make connections to an advanced degree.

Students who have been identified as academically talented are streamed into Academic Extension classes in Years 7-10. In these classes, students are provided with a faster pace of study, open-ended activities and higher order thinking skills that will enable them to pursue

Academically talented students in Year 9 are invited to choose Future Problem Solving as an elective. Future Problem Solving is an international educational program for Gifted and Talented students which focuses on the development of critical, creative and futuristic thinking skills. The program encourages students to have a positive impact in the society of the future.

Highly talented students in Mathematics and English are selected to participate in a withdrawal program for Mathematics and English. In this program, identified students are withdrawn from their extension classes once a week to participate in a program that focuses on creative and divergent thinking and complex individual and collaborative problem solving.

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