When students enter the College they are allocated to one of six Houses – Lancier, James, Batavia, Cumberland, Windsor or Arcadia. House spirit is strong, with a healthy rivalry and competition between Houses.

In the Secondary School, the House system is an integral part of College life. Each House is headed by a Head of House. Heads of House are responsible for the pastoral care, discipline and welfare of the students in their House. Students aspire to be elected as House Captains and House Councillors and these student leaders assist with the running of House assemblies and events. The College Calendar features a variety of Inter House competitions, including swimming, athletics, cross country, chess, public speaking, English, Languages, Maths, Science and Music. House Assemblies are held regularly.

  • Lancier
  • James
  • Batavia
  • Cumberland
  • Windsor
  • Arcadia
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