There are six Houses at Lake Joondalup Baptist College and each has its own identity, bible verse and colour. The Houses are named after ships which ran aground on the west coast of Australia. Students enter the House system on enrolment and remain in the same House for the remainder of their school years.

The Head of House gets to know each student and the family allocated to the House, ensuring a high standard of pastoral care. Each student is placed in a Connect group within their House and year group, and the groups meet daily. Students remain in the same Connect group throughout their time in Secondary College and so they get to know their Connect group teacher and peers well.

The House system is an integral part of College life. Heads of House are responsible for the pastoral care, behaviour management and welfare of the students in their House. Students aspire to be elected as House Captains and House Councillors and these student leaders assist with the running of House Assemblies and events. The College Calendar features a variety of Inter House competitions, including swimming, athletics, cross-country, chess, English, Languages, Maths, Science and Music Eisteddfod. House Assemblies are held fortnightly.

The six Houses are:

  • Lancier
  • James
  • Batavia
  • Cumberland
  • Windsor
  • Arcadia
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