The College has a dedicated leadership team who work collaboratively to provide for the educational and pastoral needs of all students.

College Management Team
Acting Principal: Mrs Penny Houghton
Deputy Principal: Mrs Helen Del Frate
Dean of Students (Secondary): Mrs Helen Del Frate
Dean of Studies (Secondary): Mrs Kimberly Eyre
Dean of Administration (Secondary): Mr Mark Downsborough
Dean of Primary Yr 3 to 6: Mr Paul Sonneman-Smith
Dean of Primary Pre Kindergarten to Yr 2: Mrs Carol Harris
Executive Finance Manager: Mrs Tammy Ozsvath
Executive Business Manager: Mrs Lee Krug
Executive Manager Infrastructure & Operations: Mr Andrew Burbidge

College Leadership Team
The Arts: Ms Tracy Pender; Christian Education Ms Talita van Tonder; English Curriculum Leader:: Mrs Diana Kelly; Health & Physical Education: Mr Casey Ellery; Humanities: Mr Ryan Verge; Languages: Mrs Catherine Campbell; Mathematics: Mrs Leigh-Anne Hopkins; Science: Mr Peter Wong; Technologies: Mr Daniel Theunissen; Library: Mr Stephen Sampson; Secondary Learning Enhancement: Mrs Sonja van Aswegen; Career Education: Mr Lynton Smith; Secondary Curriculum Manager: Mrs Kimberly Eyre; Secondary Learning Technologies Manager: Mr Limpie van Aswegen; ICT Manager: Mr Stephen Knight; Promotions & Publications Manager: Mr Tony Fisher; Secondary Manager Staff Development: Mrs Diana Kelly;Secondary Chaplains: Matthew Harris, Catherine da Silva; Senior Secondary Student Mentor: Mrs Sarah Cooke, Lower Secondary Student Mentor: Mrs Thena Totten; Primary Manager Chaplaincy & Community: Mr Jeremy Chappell; College Registrar: Mrs Sally Yeomans; College Counsellor: Ms Alyssa Baker

Secondary Heads of House
Lancier: Mr Chris Carter
James: Ms Anmar van der Westhuizen
Batavia: Mr Reuben Farr
Cumberland: Mrs Nola Hebiton
Windsor: Mr Lyndon Rice
Arcadia: Mrs Santie Brink

Music: Mrs Tammy van der Nest
Sport: Mr Kim Clift
Drama: Mrs Madelaine Jones
Secondary Staff Development Team: Mrs Bronwyn Carruthers, Mrs Sarah Cooke, Mrs Kirstin Hamera, Mrs Michelle McLean (Term 1-3), Mrs Susan Smith, Mr Ryan Verge (Term 2)
Primary Staff Development Team: Mrs Alison de Jong, Mrs Annette Godfrey, Mr David Hummerston, Mrs Christina Roodt
Primary Team/House Leaders
Pre Kindergarten/Pre Primary -
Tarryn Needham (Cumberland)
Year 1/Year 2 - Christina Roodt (Lancier)
Year 3 - Gillian Smith (Arcadia)
Year 4 - Michael Thompson (Batavia)
Year 5 - Michael Gaudin (James)
Year 6 - Charis Bettinaglio (Windsor)

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