Student Wellbeing


Student Care at Lake Joondalup Baptist College focusses on the balanced development of the whole person through both pastoral and academic care. An excellent pastoral care structure, quality relationships and sound academic care all contribute to our holistic approach. Our staff hold a genuine interest in the wellbeing of our students and are committed to supporting their continued development.

Our Pastoral Care Program is an integral part of an environment where staff lead by example, students’ voices are valued, and where diversity and personal excellence are celebrated across a school community that champions the unique value of every individual.

The Primary School has embarked on the development of a whole school well-being and safety curriculum. Classroom teachers teach positive behaviours and Social and Emotional Learning programs explicitly in classes. In addition, a number of afterschool clubs including ‘Shine’, ‘Seeds’, ‘Aussie Optimism’, ‘Friendology’, ‘Buz Leadership’ and ‘Kids with Courage” are offered to students.

It is a requirement that all Western Australian schools provide Protective Behaviours curriculum to all students. Lake Joondalup Baptist College is committed to helping create safer communities for our children and uses a Protective Behaviours program across all year levels.

The Protective Behaviours program focusses on providing children with the knowledge and skills to identify unsafe behaviours, and know how to respond. The program is relevant for family and domestic violence, bullying, abuse (physical, emotional or sexual), and online abuse.

Lake Joondalup Baptist College is using curriculum developed by WA Child Safety Services and is aligned with the Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority requirements.

This year for our LJ Awards given at formal assemblies, our focus will be on the recognition and reinforcement of the core character values of Lake Joondalup Baptist College. Our aim is to continue to foster a positive school environment by focusing on demonstrating positive character traits. In class and during worship assemblies, students will have opportunities to hear about and discuss these core values, supporting a growth mindset and a positive community environment.

Students in the Secondary College are on the cusp of adolescence and explicitly taught what to expect through the Right Journey Program, guiding students on how to manage the transition from childhood to adulthood. The Secondary Wellbeing Program is based on the PERMA Wellbeing Model developed by Martin Seligman. PERMA Wellbeing focusses on developing habits that cultivate flourishing in the following five domains:

Positive emotions
Engagement with experiences
Positive relationships
Leading a meaningful life
Accomplishing (achieving success)

Ideas such as encouraging mindfulness, fostering gratitude and forgiveness, active constructive listening, coping with failure, goal setting and growth mindset are all developed within the above five domains. Another major component of wellbeing in the Secondary College is supporting the students to understand and remain safe online.

Staff who are closely involved in the wellbeing of Secondary students include the Dean of Students, together with the Heads of House and the Careers Adviser. The Senior Secondary Mentor provides academic support and advice during Years 11 and 12, the final critical years of schooling.

To complement our wellbeing program, LJBC also have School Chaplains available who offer support and assessment as required.

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