College Counsellor

College Counsellor
The College Counsellor, Alyssa Baker, assists in the care and wellbeing of our students in both the Primary and Secondary school to help them succeed academically, socially and emotionally.


Working closely with the Pastoral Care Teams, Heads of House, Year Group Mentors, teachers, students and parents, the College Counsellor will make improvements that are good for all students, particular groups of students, or individual students.
The services provided aim to assist students facing challenges in the following areas:
Assessment with a view to diagnosis of specific learning disorder or other difficulties.

Responding to challenging behaviours within the classroom.

Social and Emotional
Issues, such as depression and anxiety, which impact the student’s ability to learn in the school environment.

The College Counsellor accepts referrals from students, teachers and parents. Concerned parents are encouraged to discuss their issues with their child’s teacher/Head of House prior to contacting the College Counsellor. Complex issues requiring more in-depth support and intervention, or issues that do not appear within the school context will often be referred to other community based agencies.

The College Counsellor’s involvement may include:

Meeting with students

Classroom observation

Assessment and production of a report

Liaison with teacher/s, or Head of House and other support staff

Development, implementation and review of intervention; and any additional involvement.

All information while visiting the College Counsellor will remain confidential and is kept securely in the interest of your privacy. Under certain circumstances, this information may be given to others. For more information please contact the College Counsellor.

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