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Player Development Program (PDP) Outline

The LJBC Football Academy initial trial and player selection process is complete. The heart of the LJBC Football Academy Program is to provide opportunities for all passionate footballers to grow as a person and player, through providing access to the high-quality coaches and programs.

In our planning and work with South Coast Football Academy, it has always been our intention to bring in quality coaches not only to work with Academy Players but to also provide access to these coaches for the broader LJBC Football community. The plan is for this to happen in three stages:

1. Football Academy Player selections, ongoing monitoring and adjustments.
2. Football Academy Player Development Program (PDP)
3. Community Football Program.

This structure reflects the model presented at the South Coast Football Academy and we are working through this framework in the LJBC Football Academy context.

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Player Development Program Structure

The LJBC Player Development Program is a fully integrated program where UP TO four players (per squad) are fully joining the squad in every aspect of teaching, coaching and development. The Development Players are fully integrated with the squad in every session and therefore must have the level of skills, fitness and commitment to be fully involved in all activities. The Development Players will not work separately from the Academy Players, being fully involved in every session under the same LJBC Football Academy coaches. The Development Players are available for selection for Inter School games, where decisions will be made by the coach in regards to player management, injury considerations and team balance to select the best team to compete and represent LJBC in
Inter School competitions. The LJBC Player Development Program is only open to LJBC students, providing an opportunity for them to grow and develop as a player. There is no scholarship program for these players. An LJBC Development Player may be promoted to become an Academy Player, however this is not guaranteed nor expected. It is noted that by the Development Player training fully with the Academy squad and coaches, the player will improve, which could place the Development Player in a strong position for promotion.

To nominate for this program, please click on this link or at the bottom of this page. It is likely that we will have more applications than positions available and assume that there will be a mix of students who have been through the trial process and those who were unable to make these trials due to other commitments. Once we have received the applications, we will be able to plan an open, fair and equitable process for selection of the Development Players based on the various factors outlined above. It is planned for the Development Player Program trials to run in Weeks 1 and 2 of term 1, 2020, with the successful candidates joining the squad early in first term of 2020.

Key PDP points:
1. Applications are open to Lake Joondalup Baptist College students only.
2. No scholarships will be offered in the PDP.
3. Trials for the PDP will be held in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 1, 2020.
4. UP TO four players will be considered for each squad.

Community Football Program

The Community Football Program will take some time to develop, as the focus at the moment is on Stage 1 and 2 of the Football Academy roll-out. The essence of this program is to provide opportunities for club footballers and interested players to improve their skills and enjoy the game through quality coaching. We will be able to give more details early in 2020 as to the time frame and structure.

Applications by close of business 28 January 2020.


The Lake Joondalup Baptist College Football Program is built on three pillars:

All pillars are underpinned by humility and service.


Quality private school education


Tailored leadership development program


Develop players to become elite footballers.

Attitude - “Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”