The Primary School has a Student Care Team who are involved in our Christian education program, running lunchtime and after school activities, worship assemblies and caring for the children. In the Primary school, class devotion begins each day, including a Bible reading and prayer. Worship Assemblies are held regularly. There is a Primary Chaplain available for student care.

The Secondary Chaplains organise a range of Christian based lunchtime and after school activities. These include Chips and Chat, small groups and some after school programs catering for boys and girls. It’s always a hive of activity in the Chaplains Office during lunchtime, with students building puzzles, hanging out and reheating their lunches while connecting with staff.

T: 8 9300 7444 or E:

Mothers Day Breakfast Registration

Shine Girls Program

The Shine Girls Program is a Hillsong-based program which focusses on the topics of Strength, Worth and Purpose through interactive activities and discussions. Male students have the opportunity to be involved in the Blokes boys program. This program equips the boys with the knowledge and skills to discover who they are and the person they would like to become, focusing on the character of Jesus.

Breakfast Club & Charity Events

The Chaplaincy Department also runs Breakfast Club one morning of the week for students who arrive early to school. The Department offers several charity events each year which includes the 40 Hour Famine, Wells for Malawi and The String Movement.

Friday Live

Friday Live has taken the Year 7 and 8 Christian Education program to new heights. Every Friday, students attend a youth group style event for their Christian Education lesson for each week. The program may include; worship music, games and a message from a local church youth pastor.