Christian Education

Students entering the College are not required to have a commitment to, or an association with, the Christian faith. It is, however, a condition of enrolment that all students respect, and participate fully in, the Christian program of the College.

All LJBC students participate in a weekly Christian Education lesson, which emphasises basic Biblical teaching common to all Christian traditions, and the relevance to our lives of faith in God.

The Christian Education program is contemporary and age relevant, ranging from Bible stories in the Primary years to discussion of complex ethical and life issues in Senior Secondary Christian Education classes. Upper Secondary students cover topics like Exodus, Forgiveness, Love and Relationships, The Parables, Ethics and Christianity and The Passion of the Christ. Students are also introduced to different World Religions and how they compare to Christianity.

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Learning Framework

Lower Secondary students discuss the main stories of the Bible as well as an introduction to some Bible characters and what we can learn from them. Programs include teaching moral viewpoints where students discuss relevant every day topics and situations, and ways of dealing with these issues. One term per year is devoted to a unit of Social Justice which informs students of the less fortunate, how they can contribute to making a difference, for example looking at ethical trading and the injustice in the world. Other topics covered are Jesus, The Gospels, Patience and Resilience.

LJBC students take part in worship, devotions, Bible readings and prayer. Christian values and a Biblical viewpoint are incorporated into all aspects of the life of the College, including the Curriculum. Students who are practising Christians, or who wish to explore the Christian faith in greater detail, enjoy attending and getting involved in various lunchtime and after school groups and events organized by the Chaplaincy Department.

Most staff members of the College are committed Christians involved in their local churches in a variety of denominations. Teaching staff are selected for their high standards of training, their dedication to teaching and their personal Christian faith.

In Christian Education we share the vision motto of the College derived from Micah 6:8 is ‘Seek Wisdom, act Justly and love Mercy'.