Health & Physical Education

At LJBC, the Health & Physical Education Learning Area provides the opportunity for students to learn about movement patterns, healthy lifestyles and apply their skills to a host of activities, both competitive and non-competitive.

Health Education in the Secondary School is compulsory from year 7-10 with students exploring a range of topics relevant to their healthy development. Topics explored include mental health, drug education, road safety, sex and relationship education.

Students are equipped with the knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle and the skills necessary to help others in need.

Physical education in the Secondary School is also compulsory for Years 7-10. In the younger years we seek to cement the acquisition of fundamental movement skills when applied to a range of movement scenarios. As students progress through the curriculum into Years 9 and 10 the focus becomes incorporating the movement systems they have learnt and applying them to the most tactically appropriate scenarios.

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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is an elective subject from year 9 onwards. Students begin to explore their own independence in the outdoors by developing an understanding of the environment, learning skills necessary for camping and recreating in the bush, developing the resilience to deal with changing situations and work together as part of a team to overcome challenges.

Physical Education Studies is an elective from year 9 onwards. Students pursuing this area of study will go on to analyse movement and performance in greater detail. Learning about optimal training methodologies, biomechanics and human physiology.

Health Studies is an elective course from year 10 onwards. The focus for this course is looking at the root causes of prevalent health issues and exploring strategies and theoretical models that will address these causes. The models and thinking are often applied at a population level meaning the concepts explored in this subject are broad and wide reaching.


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