The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey is year-long program taught during Year 9 Christian Education lessons. Students are guided by same gender teachers in single gender classes, through the exploration of four main questions: Who am I really? How do I get on with others? Is there something more?

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What is my purpose?

What is my purpose? This program challenges them physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.The Rite Journey is an experiential program and students are involved in a range of activities that intentionally challenge them to become more fully the person they were created to be. By raising young people’s consciousness about transitioning from child to adult and having conversations with them about what really matters, we can assist in guiding their journey into adulthood. Students will also be required to choose a mentor who they will be spending time and completing a project with, during the course of the year

LJBC students take part in worship, devotions, Bible readings and prayer. Christian values and a Biblical viewpoint are incorporated into all aspects of the life of the College, including the Curriculum. Students who are practising Christians, or who wish to explore the Christian faith in greater detail, enjoy attending and getting involved in various lunchtime and after school groups and events organized by the Chaplaincy Department.

Activities the students undertake during The Rite Journey, include discussions, debates, personal story sharing, physical challenges, light fitness challenges, public performance, reflection time, journal keeping, service to others, celebratory ceremonies and the Year 9 camp.