Parents' & Collegians' Auxiliary

The purpose of the PCA

Fostering a wider LJBC community network to create opportunities and support the needs of students, parents/caregivers, grandparents and collegians.

The PCA will play a supportive role at LJBC and facilitate community connection. This supportive group will be a place of continuous belonging, creating traditions and hoping to instill a lifelong culture from the moment a student starts school at the College. It is our mission that the work of the PCA will contribute towards the prosperity of our community and will strive to generate positive advocacy for LJBC in the wider community.

T: 8 9300 7444 or E:

Why should you belong to the PCA?

The benefits are: Support with job readiness information and opportunities to develop enterprise skills Past students (Collegians) are eligible for the annual PCA Outstanding Collegian Award Mentoring of young collegians and creating opportunities to develop employability skills Meaningful exposure opportunities for your company, small business or the skills you have Opportunities and information for job search, work experience and career growth Social connection at reunions and other community building events.

Registration of Interest Form

PCA Membership

We believe that the PCA and your membership thereof will contribute to the success of the College going forward. It will be instrumental in building a network of support for our own students and their families, whether past, present or future. This support network will create opportunities that will tie in with our vision of setting up our children for success in life. All parents, guardians, grandparents of a student at the College as well as our past students (Collegians) can belong to the PCA. Please register your interest in the PCA at

For more information email